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HIPAA-compliant platform for virtual visits and remote monitoring. Easily integrate with your EHR or use seamlessly with Oystehr's EHR.

HIPAA Compliant

Our telehealth solution is a HIPAA-compliant platform, offering secure video and chat, patient waiting rooms, and provider management in an easy to fork and run package.

Build to fit your needs

Telemed allows you to build cross-platform video calls into your applications

Integrate with Ease

Integrated directly with FHIR service, so your encounters are automatically recorded in the patient record. Connect to your scheduling applications and other EHR solutions.

62% of physicians agree their patients are more satisfied since using telehealth.

Let Oystehr help increase patient satisfaction using telehealth.

Built to Connect

Oystehr integrates seamlessly with systems that power every aspect of your business.

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change healthcare APIZus HealthCandid Healthredox API integrationNexHealthOhMDBridgeEpicathenahealtheclinical works api integrationOracle CernerTwilio API integrationSendGrid
... and many more.

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Our new behavioral health intake application, built on Oystehr, allowed us to build a solution that is customized for our use including scheduling, insurance validation, and direct integration with our eClinicalWorks EHR.

Mordechai Raskas
Mordechai Raskas

Chief Medical Information Officer at PM Pediatric Care

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Is your telehealth solution HIPAA-compliant?

Yes, our telehealth platform is fully HIPAA-compliant, ensuring the confidentiality and security of patient health information during virtual appointments. We adhere to strict privacy standards and employ encryption protocols to safeguard data transmitted during video calls and chat sessions, providing peace of mind for both patients and healthcare providers.

How does telehealth integration with EHR systems benefit healthcare practices?

Integrating telehealth with Electronic Health Records (EHR) offers numerous advantages for healthcare practices. By seamlessly recording telehealth encounters within the patient's electronic record, providers can maintain comprehensive and up-to-date medical histories. This integration enhances care coordination, improves documentation accuracy, and simplifies billing processes, ultimately leading to greater efficiency and better patient outcomes.

Can your telehealth solution be customized to meet our specific needs and integrate with our existing systems?

Absolutely. Our telehealth solution is designed to be flexible and customizable, allowing for seamless integration with your existing EHR systems, scheduling applications, and other healthcare software platforms. Whether you're using Oystehr or another EHR solution, our platform can be tailored to fit your workflow requirements. We offer comprehensive support and assistance to ensure a smooth integration process and optimize the functionality of our telehealth solution within your practice environment.

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