Patient Messaging & Engagement

Patient Provider SMS & Chat

Our API first and customizable patient engagement solution allows for various workflows:

1-way automated SMS patient communication
2-way patient-provider SMS communication
Provider-provider communication
HIPAA Compliant Chat rooms

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Messaging Capabilities

Easy to Integrate & Interoperable

Seamlessly integrates with existing systems using APIs.
Create and store messages in a format compatible with healthcare standards (FHIR resources) for interoperability and data ownership.

Transactional SMS Workflow

Enable one-way or two-way communication, such as appointment reminders, discharge instructions, and check-in information.

Conversations Workflow

  • Facilitate two-way chat-like communications between multiple parties
  • Engage patients effectively via web or mobile chat rooms while maintaining compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Provider/Provider Care Coordination

  • Streamline collaboration among healthcare teams with real-time messaging and care coordination tools.

Only 38% of patients reported satisfaction with electronic communication with their healthcare providers.

Let Oystehr improve patient satisfaction through simple engagement workflows.  

Why Oystehr’s Patient Engagement & Messaging Solution? 

Customized Clinical Workflows

Oystehr's messaging service offers the flexibility to customize and integrate text-based communications into clinical workflows specific to your organization. Whether it's provider/provider care coordination, or integrating with your scheduling tool, Oystehr's messaging service streamlines communication processes with your other health tech applications. With the ability to create tailored workflows, providers can deliver top-quality care while maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Seamless Integration & Setup

One of the key advantages of Oystehr's messaging service is its seamless integration with Twilio, a leading communications platform. Unlike other solutions that require separate credentials and configurations, Oystehr's messaging service eliminates the need for additional setup, making it easy for your developers to integrate text-based communications into their healthcare applications.

Interoperability & Compliance

Oystehr automatically creates and stores FHIR resources to document communications, ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations and facilitating comprehensive patient record-keeping. This feature not only streamlines administrative tasks but also provides healthcare providers with a robust audit trail for communication activities. By maintaining detailed records of patient-provider interactions, Oystehr helps organizations meet regulatory requirements and achieve higher standards of patient care.

Enhanced Patient Engagement and Outcomes

Improve patient engagement and outcomes through timely and personalized communication.
Whether it's sending appointment reminders, delivering discharge instructions, or requesting feedback from patients, Oystehr's messaging service enables providers to stay connected with patients throughout their healthcare journey. By fostering proactive communication and addressing patient needs in real-time, Oystehr helps drive better patient satisfaction and overall healthcare outcomes.

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Built to Connect

Oystehr integrates seamlessly with systems that power every aspect of your business.

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change healthcare APIZus HealthCandid Healthredox API integrationNexHealthOhMDBridgeEpicathenahealtheclinical works api integrationOracle CernerTwilio API integrationSendGrid
... and many more.


Can Oystehr's patient messaging solution integrate with third-party appointment scheduling systems or other EHR software?

Yes, because Oystehr is built on FHIR and is API-first, Oystehr's patient messaging solution offers integration capabilities with third-party appointment scheduling systems and EHR software. Our platform can seamlessly sync appointment schedules, patient demographics, and communication logs, ensuring seamless workflows and data consistency across systems.

Is Oystehr's patient messaging solution HIPAA-compliant?

Yes, Oystehr's patient messaging solution is fully HIPAA-compliant. We prioritize the privacy and security of patient information and adhere to strict HIPAA regulations to ensure confidentiality and data protection. Our platform employs robust encryption measures, access controls, and audit trails to safeguard sensitive healthcare data exchanged between providers and patients. Additionally, we undergo regular security audits and compliance checks to maintain HIPAA compliance and uphold the highest standards of data security and privacy.

Can Oystehr's patient messaging solution be customized to align with our practice's branding and communication preferences?

Yes, Oystehr's patient messaging solution offers customization options to align with your practice's branding and communication preferences. Our platform allows for branding customization, messaging templates, and workflow configurations to reflect your practice's unique identity and guidelines.

Can patients communicate with their providers in real-time through Oystehr's patient messaging solution?

Yes, Oystehr's patient messaging solution supports real-time communication channels such as chat or secure messaging. This enables patients to ask questions, request appointments, or report symptoms conveniently and receive timely responses from their healthcare providers.

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