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We’re a team of developers, designers, and product experts who specialize in building digital health platforms.

About Oystehr

Oystehr exists to solve a log-jam that prevents rapid delivery of innovative health-tech and EHRs.  For more than two decades, MassLight has worked with health-tech startups under an innovative model called build-for-equity.  We’ve partnered with non-technical founders and invested capital and engineering resources for equity. 

As large clinical organizations acquired our portfolio companies, we began facing intractable problems.  EHR integrations with our software, or any third party software, were prohibitively difficult.  Changing user interfaces to match clinical and patients needs was next to impossible.  Common workflows like scheduling were uncommonly difficult for every stakeholder. 

Enter Oystehr.  We built the product we needed, a cloud-service with all the APIs, hosting, infrastructure and compliance needed to rapidly launch and scale medical software. Oystehr is the plumbing necessary to build incredibly sophisticated health-tech products at startup speed.  You concentrate on adding unique value to your products and serve your customers, without having to worry about basic infrastructure or feature sets common to all health-tech products.


Daniel Abrams

CEO & Founder

Alex Willingham


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Our new behavioral health intake application, built on Oystehr, allowed us to build a solution that is customized for our use including scheduling, insurance validation, and direct integration with our eClinicalWorks EHR.

Mordechai Raskas
Mordechai Raskas

Chief Medical Information Officer at PM Pediatric Care

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