Revenue Cycle Management Solution

Interoperable and API-first Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Solution.

Instant insurance validation, claims submissions, and automated RCM workflows. 


Reduce your claims submission tasks
by up to 80%

Save time, reduce errors, and automate workflows to focus more on patient care

Efficiency and Automation

Oystehr automates the insurance eligibility verification process, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing administrative overhead. 

Real-Time Insurance Eligibility Verification

Get real-time insurance eligibility information by submitting the patient’s  insurance information and receive a response detailing the patient’s coverage and benefits information.

Accuracy Through Direct Integration

Because Oystehr already integrates directly through Change healthcare, you’ll receive up-to-date coverage and benefits information directly from insurance databases without the need to go through your own clearinghouse. 

Claim Submission (Beta)

The claim submission service supports validating and submitting professional claims to payers. You can validate claims to check for errors before submitting to payers, which can save time and money.

Own your data

100% complete bi-directional APIs

Own your data.

Oystehr provides simple APIs to read and write every attribute of every object in the model. You’ll always have the option to “build your own” or pipe your data out to any other system.

Built to Connect

Oystehr integrates seamlessly with systems that power every aspect of your business.

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change healthcare APIZus HealthCandid Healthredox API integrationNexHealthOhMDBridgeEpicathenahealtheclinical works api integrationOracle CernerTwilio API integrationSendGrid
... and many more.

Let Oystehr make your billing, claims submission, and insurance validation workflows simple. 

Learn why healthcare orgs trust Oystehr as their health tech dev platform

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Our new behavioral health intake application, built on Oystehr, allowed us to build a solution that is customized for our use including scheduling, insurance validation, and direct integration with our eClinicalWorks EHR.

Mordechai Raskas
Mordechai Raskas

Chief Medical Information Officer at PM Pediatric Care

Create next generation health tech

We provide the API, core data model, cloud infrastructure, EHR interoperability and compliance as a single service so you can build the next generation of EHR-integrated products.

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Credential and secret management, access policies, MFA, passwordless SMS, app provisioning, SAML, and OAuth2.

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Use Zambdas to host custom endpoints with direct access to Oystehr events and data.

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Console and SDK

Sophisticated toolsets to help you build and maintain code across multiple environments.

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Clinical Services

Telehealth video, SMS and chat messaging, eRx, insurance validation and claims submission.


How does Oystehr's Revenue Cycle Management Solution integrate with my EHR?

Oystehr's RCM service is designed with interoperability in mind, allowing seamless integration with various EHR systems. Through our API endpoints, healthcare organizations can easily connect Oystehr's RCM service with their existing EHR platforms. This integration ensures that patient insurance information and claims data seamlessly flow between systems, minimizing data entry duplication and maximizing workflow efficiency. Whether you use a proprietary EHR system or a third-party solution, Oystehr's RCM service can be smoothly integrated to enhance your revenue cycle management processes.

How does your RCM solution differ from the RCM capabilities of other EHRs?

Unlike traditional EHRs that may require hefty upfront investments or rigid pricing structures, Oystehr offers a usage-based pricing model. This model is more scalable for small businesses, allowing them to pay only for the services they use, thereby optimizing cost-effectiveness.

Oystehr's RCM solution can be customized to meet the specific needs of healthcare organizations. Whether it's tailoring workflows or integrating additional functionalities, our solution adapts to your requirements, and automates processes; enhancing operational efficiency, freeing up staff time, and reducing errors.

When will your claims submission service be out of beta?

The Oystehr claims submission service is being used in production by Oystehr customers. However, it is still in beta and we are actively working on improving the service. While the service is in beta, before you can use the RCM Service, we need to enable it for your Project. Send us an email at [email protected] and we'll get you set up. Check out our roadmap for product updates.

What types of support is available for users building RCM workflows with Oystehr?

We maintain extensive documentation to help builders navigate the building process and troubleshoot issues. We also offer a dedicated slack channel for any questions that need immediate attention, and we offer an enterprise support team for a more hands-on approach if needed.

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